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Metropolis is in an enviable position today offering a large test menu of over 4500 tests. This has bolstered our position as one of the largest reference laboratory in the Nation. We specialize from the routine to esoteric tests and our commitment to quality has led doctors, pathologists, hospitals and laboratories to place their trust on us.

Insist on Metropolis

  • Largest Test Menu: Offering over 4500 tests, we offer tests ranging from the routine to the specialized.
  • 34 year experience:  Our team of experts bring a rich experience to the table that gives us an edge.
  • We perform nearly 30 million tests annually catering to over 10,000 consultants every year.
  • Network Strength: 150 state of the art laboratories with 1000 collection centers. Only chain of laboratories from India to have a presence in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana & Uganda.
  • An efficient team of over 3500 people striving to achieve the best.
  • Quality Assurance: Metropolis has an unique advantage of having the highest numbers of National and Global accreditation. Apart from this we have a series of checks in every process and system that assures quality every single time.
  • Validated Methodologies: We use internationally validated Methodologies for each test. In addition, these methodologies have been further validated by us over the years and has help us built a unique reference system for the Indian population.
  • Customer Care: A strong internal customer care team is one of our many assets.


Equipped with cutting edge technology, innovative work equipment, expansive logistics network and rigorous processes, Metropolis ensures and delivers precision and accuracy in every single test; each time, every time.

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