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We are driven by a single motto – Right Diagnosis leads to Right Treatment. Our detailed test report covers result trend analysis and patient specific interpretations, including comments by our internal doctors in some cases.

We have a unique approach of giving conclusive diagnosis to our patients, by ways of re-checks and repeat specimen analysis, at no added cost. This has helped us build a very strong equity with doctors and hospitals across our markets globally.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, global standards, consistent value additions and promoting disease and disorder specific profiles; ensure that doctors have a comprehensive view of their patients, thereby enabling better diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, as part of building a scientific knowledge ecosystem for better understanding of pathology sciences, Metropolis conducts Round Table Meetings (RTMs), Continued Medical Education programs (CMEs) and Conferences across geographies, acting as an ideation platform for further research and innovation.

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Disease Based Pathology Studies

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Metropolis is India’s first multi-national chain of diagnostic centers with 100 state of the art laboratories and over 1000 collection centers across Africa , India and Sri Lanka . Our laboratory services have been segmented into 70 million functions. Though many tests and test combinations overlap with each other, all section units work in tandem. The segmentation is critical since the techniques, automation and quality process that each section demands in unique from each other.

Specialty Testing


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Our experience in diagnostic and related healthcare testing and services has allowed us to selectively combine diagnostic tests into diverse profiles to assist patients seeking to monitor their health and to prevent or treat diseases and other health conditions. These packages are a combination of a variety of early detection and diagnostic tests to screen selected diseases and disorders with primary focus on life style diseases. Based on age, gender, clinical history, parental history and affordability, there are options of several packages. Besides pathology tests, the packages also include non-pathology tests such as ECG, X-ray, ultra-sound and stress test. The reports issued by us include basic medical advice and are presented in a reader-friendly format.

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